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Where is this from?


Adriana Lima is trending number 1 on the web today, for literally no reason lol. No new reports but


Boy is this woman on fire.

Where is this from?

So…I guess this is it, Perfection!


Adriana Lima through the years

(via theuniqueadrianalima)

Backstage at Givenchy


Victoria’s Secret Queen, Adriana Lima shot by me after the Givenchy show 

I’m sick when people say Adriana is overrated or hate her looks like teeth, her body what is so insane, or the worst hate her personality, she’s one of the most amazing people in the world and don’t think I say it because I’m her fan, I’m her fan because of that and I want others to see it too. I understand if you dislike her, she’s not your thing or whatever, she’s not your fav model, but “stating your opinion” that she’s ugly is just absurd, it’s not opinion honestly lol it’s like I say my opinion is that  ”Ocean is pink”  don’t know if it’s jealousy or stupidy but I heard so many times people saying such stuff… Dear people wash your eyes, you’re missing the greatest thing in your life, if Adriana’s “ugly” to you I’m sorry but you’ll never see anything beautiful 

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